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Waste for Use 

Community Service

Several volunteers work with us each year to help us provide community services that aid with community enhancement.  Volunteer your time to help provide community service that helps all.


Education is our ambition and allows us to fulfill our mission.  Our approach to environmental education supports enrichment for early learning and provides education opportutnities for all.


Education Tools
Access free education resources and classroom tools.


Advocating a Healthy Natural Environment for All

Recycling Database
Discover recycling drop off and pickup options.


Through collaboration with community partners, our mission is more attainable.  We work with public and private organizations to develop relationships that support our mission. Find out how to become a partner.

Get the latest updates on relevant topics and events

Clean Communities  - Annual community cleanup exercise created in the City of Atlanta (GA).  Clean Communities supports the national U.S. campaign, Keep America Beautiful.

E.K. Glass Art Exchange - Opportunity for artists to donate artwork or services to Waste for Use in exchange for a public feature. Public features range from website features, public service announcements, and fundraising product features. 

Environmental Learning Theatre - Environmental education program that marries art and education to provide education enrichment.

Workshops & Public Forums - Public opportunity for all to engage and learn about significant environmental health issues.

At Home
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Art & Education

Environmental Learning Theatre is a flagship education initiative at Waste for Use.  The program concentrates on early learning, and addresses environmental topics that impact human health. 

Learn about the program's unique method to education and how you can become a partner.

Environmental Learning Theatre