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Advocating a Healthy Natural Environment for All

Waste for Use advocates a healthy natural environment for all. Our mission aims to advance public awareness about environmental health issues in order produce an environmentally informed, engaged, and healthy society. 

The E.K. Glass Art Exchange program launched in 2019. Explore this new initiative to learn how we support artists that contribute to Waste for Use.

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Waste for Use devotes its energy to advocating environmental health for all.  Take part by learning, giving, and joining our mission to contribute to the future of a healthy environment, and your 'best' health.

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Engage with our mission by contributing to the Waste for Use Community Forum for Sharing Ideas about Ecological Issues. The community forum is an opportunity for you to share and receive pertinent information about environmental relevant topics. 

If you are interested in contributing an article to the community forum, let us know.


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Explore our innovative approach to environmental education and learn how sponsorship can allow you to become an extension of the work that we do to support a healthy natural environment.


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