Did You Know
The quality of your environment has a direct effect on your health and your quality of life.  Get involved with the environment that you live in. A clean and waste free environment secures a healthy future for you.  Try learning about the intriguing benefits of waste reuse.  Learn more.

Wasteful Times

Have you wondered whether we'll run out of space to accommodate our trash? Well, luckily a great deal of our garbage is converted into useful energy by several million tons every year. Yet, environmental threats are still a large part of environmental safety concern due to growing demand to accommodate additional waste storage.  A useful way to address environmental threats will be accomplished via
environmental awareness and sustainable practices in part by you, your friends, and your family.  Our government has opened a way for us to become consciously aware of environmental issues by providing several programs which include recycling support and education.  As a whole we can figure out a way to reduce immediate environmental risks.  Join us and learn how you can help create a healthy environment.

Are you aware that the EPA provides classroom tools and  resources for teachers such as lesson plans, free materials, and many other sources to help explain environmental topics?  Click here to access a range of materials that can aid classroom instruction about the environment.  

Waste for Use Initiatives

Waste for Use's iniatives are created to raise discussion and awareness about environmental preservation issues.  Establishing specific strategies permits Waste for Use to achieve its mission.  Waste for Use's 2014 strategic areas of focus are 
• generating awareness about environmental preservation, waste reduction, and waste recycling issues, and
• creating opportunities for civic involvement in environmental conservation

Give Us Your Voice
Tell us what you know about environmental and waste awareness.  Submit your thoughts, and ideas about how you think environmental waste conditions can be improved.

Also, you can submit relevant news article links or updates here.

Learn How to Compost
How would you like to learn how to recycle your everyday kitchen waste or produce your own fertilizer to cultivate a fresh food crop?  Participate in the next Waste for Use Composting Workshop and get amazing tips and best practice methods about how to compost recyclable foods.  So far, we've had an amazing Spring and Summer workshop series, so stay tuned here for the announcement of the next Learn How to Compost Workshop.

 Are you looking for a way to facilitate outreach activities or "how to " workshops on the topic of healthy environment conservation or methods for waste reuse? Let us know, we'd like to help.

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