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Let's make a clean and healthy environment a lifestyle so that we can win against the threat of pandemic and be well. 

Get tips on staying safe and track recovery progress.

A dedicated volunteer and inspiration for our art exchange program, Kirk Glass was an instrumental part of carrying our mission forward. Volunteers give us a pulse and work with us because they understand our mission. Explore the E.K. Glass Art Exchange program and how you can volunteer.

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Explore our innovative approach to environmental education and learn how sponsorship can allow you to become an extension of the work that we do to support a healthy natural environment.

WasteforUse devotes its energy to advocating environmental health for all.  Take part by learning, giving, and joining our mission to contribute to the future of a healthy environment, and your 'best' health.

Catch highlights from of our biannual education programming we brought you in 2021.

More than ever, the importance of a clean and healthy environment is vivid.


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Engage with our mission by contributing to the WasteforUse Community Forum for Sharing Ideas about Ecological Issues. The community forum is an opportunity for you to learn and share information about environmental relevant topics. 

If you are interested in contributing an article to the community forum, let us know.