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​​​Waste for Use is a nonprofit organization in accordance with section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. Waste for Use advocates the maintenance of a healthy natural environment. Our mission aims to advance public awareness about environmental health issues in order to effect an environmentally conscious, engaged, and healthy society. To meet our mission, we offer public learning opportunities through various forms of education. In addition, we facilitate healthy environment stewardship by community involvement and best practices that support a healthy environment.

Governing Documents
​In 2010, Waste for Use established governance principles that focus on tactical leadership to ensure that the mission and growth of the company was
​kick-started with its commencement.  The governing body of Waste for Use is the Board of Governors, which has all powers of directing and governing the management of the company and matters of the organization.  The corporate governance procedures and policies for Waste for Use can be found in the Waste for Use bylaws. » Bylaws of Waste for Use   

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