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Reducing Waste

Recycling options have grown tremendously during the recent past to include not only reuse opportunities for paper, plastic, and glass items, but many odd consumer items as well.   As manufacturers and producers increasingly realize economic value for reuse practices, the roster for recycling programs grows.  Before you throw away the next item that no longer provides you value, check to see whether it can be recycled.  We’ve linked you to a fairly large database that can help steer you in a great direction for reuse options. 
Many free resources and classroom tools such as education lesson plans, guides, and program outlines are made available via the Environmental Protection Agency service.  Explore the many tools available that can help you with access to environmental education resources.

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Programs and Services

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We pursue our mission by delivering programs and services that inform the public about environmental topics. We partner with community organizations that support our mission and aid with creating a healthy impact on the world's biosphere. Our programs and services are designed to equip all to conduct responsible and constructive environmental activities. Current programs and services at Waste for Use include shared learning opportunities such as Environmental Theatre, public forums and talks, community service, and public service messaging.

Waste for Use, Inc. Environmental Theatre
Environmental Theatre is designed to educate audiences about environmental issues that will impact and determine the future health of the world's ecosphere.  

The program targets youth audiences and integrates arts with education to facilitate environmental education. Environmental Theatre includes productions and interactive activities performed in schools that will engage student audiences with responsible and constructive environmental concepts. For more information or inquiries regarding program booking and planning please send inquiries to programs@wasteforuse.org.

Public Forums

We offer various opportunities for civic members to learn about significant environmental health issues.  Learning is provided through several public formats and is frequently offered free to the public.  Events are announced on the Waste for Use website in 'Note Worthy' updates.

Community Service and Stewardship

Community service is an opportunity for civic members to be engaged and learn through application. Our community service and stewardship activities are diverse and range from workshop and clinics to community volunteer exercises. Community service events are announced on the Waste for Use website in 'Note Worthy' updates.

Public Service Messaging

Public service messages are communications that allow us to reach public audiences with important information about environmental issues.  We conduct public service announcements and messaging through multiple mediums including online and print media, outdoor transit, and radio broadcasting.